Atmosphere is our office


A Few Words About Us

Team of great engineers
ATMOLAB combines different branches of science into one team which developes products for scientific research, weather forecasting, aerial operations and measuring environmental variabes. We are a group of engineers working on different systems which could help us to understand atmosphere better, help you with a hand from the sky with high tech unmanned aerial vehicles and give you valuable information from the air. Developing affordable instruments and scientific applications for you is our job.

What We Offer


We offer weather stations, loggers,... All autonomously powered with sun energy

  • GPRS weather stations
  • Long range FM weather stations
  • Logger weather stations
  • Different loggers
  • Other systems.... just ask.

Our team provides professional weather forecasts for private or commercial use. We run one of the most advanced weather forecasting model WRF. We can provide you with different products. Here are the examples:

  • Graphical outputs of model forecasts
  • Advanced application for webpages and TV forecasts
  • Personal forecasts
  • Advisory service for weather forecasts


    We have a lot of experience in unmanned technology and operations. UAVs are comming fast in our lives, we just need to take advantage of them. We have been working mostly on these projects

    • UAV surveillance systems - camera gimbals
    • UAV live weather/air monitoring
    • Orthophoto (visible, NIR, FLIR)
    • Terrain modeling (3D) and mapping
    • Different aerial operations (live camera view, observation, SAR, forestry, agriculture)
    • And other tasks... unlimited number of tasks.


    "I was thrilled to see how small UAVs can help us in our profession. Now we can send a drone to any place and measure wind, teperature, humidity, turbulence,..."

    Hans Weirather

    Chief Manager

    "We used to buy weather stations from other companies until we developed our own. These weather stations are build on our experiences, are extremely affordable and most importaint they run on solar energy."

    Ana Otopannovska
    Chief Engineer

    "AtmoLAB developed secondary model for translating WRF data to users all around the world looking for easy and readable weather forecasts. When i need weather forecast i just look for PROFKO and "voala" i clearly see what the weather will be... amazing.. i used to follow Accu weather, meteoblue and similar, but now i only look PROFKO."

    Michael Le Brange
    AtmoLAB user