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ALPIN WS Weather Stations

ALPIN weather stations are professional equipment developed for data logging of environmental variables on SD card, sending data over GPRS and FM signal or just voice sending weather stations. Alpin weather stations were developed in cooperation with meteorologists and engineers and presents the fusion of meteorological instrumentation, scientific knowledge and some of the most innovative engineering knowledge.

The goal of our team of scientists was to create extremely low power, completely autonomous, reliable and affordable stations. Additional to weather sensors there are limitless options of parameters this systems can record (OPTIONAL). From agriculture, water levels, traffic flow, etc. We hope this system will put your work to a higher level.

We have developed four different models of ALPIN WS.

1.) ALPIN WS LOGGER - This station logs data on SD card which can be easily accessed and analyzed.

2.) ALPIN WS GPRS - If you need long range live data transmission this stations is for your needs. Easy programable and easy to use.

3.) ALPIN WS FM - If you dont want to transfere data over GSM signal and need smaller transmission range this station is a choice for you.

4.) ALPIN WS VOICE - If data is needed only few times per day or for wide varyity of people voice transmission is what you need. (paragliders, hikers, sailors,... uses these systems)