REX 151E Spatium – EO sensor only

REX 151E Spatium – EO sensor only

E stands for Extended. Gimbal is designed to perform in extreme weather conditions and to perform tasks other gimbals cannot. Due to its stronger motors, it enables highspeed flying up to 250 km/h. Due to its strong housing it can withstand shocks up to 30G in all directions, making it one of its kind worldwide.

Specialized for day surveillance, area control, search and rescue missions in harsh environment.

Single-sensor system

  • FULL HD EO sensor – day camera

Key features

  • Modular, Rugged, Compact and Lightweight
  • Multiphase stabilization: 2-axis mechanical + 2-axis electronical + software stabilization
  • Ability to withstand forces above 30G in all directions
  • Ability to enable high-speed flying up to 250 km/h
  • Operational Condition Limitations: -40 ˚ C / +50 ˚ C, MIL-STD 810G Rainproof
  • EMC certified based on EU and South Korean standards

Setup also includes

  • Software EagleEye enables REALTIME:
    • Steering of the gimbal sensors
    • Recording videos and pictures
    • Tracking of still or moving objects – click & track
    • Geolock
    • Measure TGT (target acquisition)
    • Picture in Picture
    • Nose follow
    • Defog
    • Onboard Video storing
    • Upgradable for special needs


Dimensions Total height: 218.67 mm, Dome diameter: 147 mm
Weight 2059g
Stabilization 2-axis mechanical + 2-axis electronical + software stabilization
Rotation limits Pan: 360˚ continuous, PITCH: + 50˚ to – 150˚
Voltage input 15–26V (OPTIMAL 24V)
Power consumption <20W
Slew rate 180 ˚/s
IP protection MIL-STD 810G Rainproof
Type 1/1.8“–CMOS type
FOV 1080p: 55° (wide end) to 2.0° (tele end)
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel-up to 60 fps
Zoom Zoom on FULL HD = Optical 30x + Digital 16x = Total 480x zoom
IR (low light operation) Yes
Defog option Yes
Video stabilization Yes
Object tracking Yes
Scene lock Yes
H.264 Video codecs Yes
H.265 Video codecs Yes
Artificial intelligence Yes – onboard computer for custom algorithms integration on demand
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