EagleEye software is a graphical-based program designed to interface with Atmolab’s gimbals (gimbal control and video streaming).

It was developed in–house and is specifically designed for search and rescue, surveillance and security applications.

It is supported on Windows and Linux-based operating systems. It includes a connection setup window, video stream display, and gimbal control toolbar.


Software is upgradable for special needs. Upgrades and software maintenance can be done online.

Software features

  • User friendly, high accuracy easy click and point control
  • Autonomous target tracking feature
  • 2–phase software image stabilization
  • Roll compensation
  • Image enhancement
  • Defog
  • Picture in picture
  • Scene tracking
  • Geolock and target location
  • Map with aircraft and sensor target location display
  • Map with DEM data
  • KLV
  • H.264 and H.265 video codecs
  • NATO equipment interoperability
  • Compatibility with Linux and Windows 7 or later
  • Slaving options for various types of devices or platforms
  • Ability to examine and integrate algorithms for detecting moving objects
  • Connectivity of devices to Ethernet WAN / LAN networks with standard IP protocols
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